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"...Daily Bread was the highlight of my summer."

Sam Blum

Sam Blum

"Working on the set of Daily Bread was the highlight of my summer. It was an incredible experience. I learned so much about the tv show production process and developed a genuine interest in the field. I may never be able to watch anything the same way again because I’ll be too focused on the lighting, or trying to guess how many shots one scene took, but I truly enjoyed my experience on set. It was a great group of people, and I had a lot of fun." ~ Sam 

"...having the opportunity to play my real-life daughter Talia's mom was an honor."

"Being on set with Nina May, Ron Newcomb and all the other crew members was amazing and fun at the same time and when we wrapped, it felt like the show was going to be a success.  I play the young version of Nicole and the storyline is very heart touching and powerful." ~Talia J.

"When I was asked if I would be interested in playing the role of Young Nicole's mother in this particular episode and of course having the opportunity to play my real-life daughter Talia's mom was an honor.  And while I knew the storyline was going to be deep and important, having the pleasure to sit down with Nina and do the character study and scene studies before the live production was unforgettable.  The pure emotion, genuine commitment to sharing the story of young Nicole and the poignant issues of race relations at a time in our country where it all was so close to home, brought back powerful memories of my own childhood, and I was so proud to be able to experience watching my daughter bring this story to life and portray the deep emotion that the scene evoked." ~Alicia D.

Alicia D. & Talia J. on set with Nina May 

Talia J.

" unforgettable learning experience."

"Working on the set of Daily Bread was an unforgettable learning experience. They gave me a lot of responsibility but made sure I was learning and understood what I was doing. It gave me invaluable insight that I'm using now as a film student in Florida and will continue to use throughout my career. 


Thanks Nina!"  ~Tim

"...invaluable insight that I'm using now as a film student..."

Tim DeMoss

"I cannot be more proud of this intense post-apocalyptic project we embarked on this summer. 
We've learned SO much from it not only as characters, but as people.
I am a better person for having the privilege to be a part of it.
We all know our Earth and our lives are changing. This series really brings out the metaphor. Stay tuned!"

~Gabriela Kostadinova 

"I am a better person for having the privilege to be a part of it."

Gabriela Kostadinova

Robert Federico

"I am so grateful to everyone who worked on the Daily Bread series over the summer for their interest in me and my character as part of the story. 
It was a great educational opportunity to be in an apocalyptical story.  

I had many opportunities to watch the producer and director, cast and crew work to bring the adventure to life.  I never wanted to leave the set even when my shoot was done for the day.   I looked forward to the next time I would be on the set.   

Thank you,  Mrs. Nina May, for this wonderful experience! It was such a great part of my life this year.  It was  very important summer of my life.  It was all  positive and good and inspired."    

~Robert  :) 

"It was  very important summer of my life.  It was all  positive and good and inspired."

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Note from the Producer


Daily Bread has been created as an on set educational experience, at a professional level. Renaissance Women Productions, a project of the Renaissance Foundation(a 501(c)3 educational foundation), has produced award-winning documentaries and shorts for the past 8 years using new, undiscovered talent, giving them the opportunity to break into the film industry. Students that come through the program have produced everything from TV shows, to commercials, documentaries and educational films and now an award winning feature length movie, "Life Fine Tuned". The interns have been trained to do everything from writing scripts and narration to editing, filming, and staging. They are trained to be in front of the camera as well as behind and are even responsible for their own sound tracks with the projects they produce. It has been a great incubator for new talent, giving the students a chance to then be involved at a higher level on other for-profit productions.

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