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Renaissance Women Productions

Renaissance Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation that developed “Renaissance Women Productions” to provide learning opportunities to people who feel called into the entertainment industry but need vehicles to showcase their talents and skills. The idea is to jump start careers and discover new talent by producing entertaining and educational products that give many people the opportunity to be either in front of, or behind the camera on a real production.


The creation and filming of Daily Bread is an educational project, and is designed to be a 10 episode, multi-seasoned, TV series shot entirely in Virginia, that will be available on the internet as well. We also encourage everyone to learn new aspects of production and utilize the cast in different roles as crew, and allow those in behind the scenes positions an opportunity to be on camera. This increases a better understanding of the different positions and responsibilities on a set that will help careers to flourish. 


We are inviting anyone interested, to either read for a role, or become part of the crew, to contact us through this site. You can access the “cast” and “crew” pages and let us know how you would like to get involved in this fun, educational project that will result in family friendly, faith based entertainment. 

We believe in...


Renaissance Foundation, Renaissance Women Productions believes in giving new filmmakers opportunities. We offer training in every aspect of filmmaking, from writing scripts and narration to editing, filming, staging, on set sound, mixing, and even scoring the project. In front of the camera as well as working behind it. Daily Bread serves as an incubator for new talent, giving hands on experience to help give the skills to then be involved at a higher level on other for-profit productions.

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