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There are many things to like about the brand new series “Daily Bread” by creator, writer and director Nina May, who produced the series through Renaissance Women Productions. It’s an ambitious production about a world turned upside down when a catastrophic EMP event (electromagnetic pulse) renders all electronic devices useless.

Writer and director Nina May has outdone herself with this completely fresh, utterly addictive, faith-based show. Each episode is paced perfectly; there is always enough storyline to keep you wanting more. 

You are sitting in your living room watching your favorite TV show when all of a sudden your entire house loses power for no apparent reason. Maybe you are driving down the highway at 70 mph, and your two-ton machine instantly becomes a death trap as the entire car ceases to work. As you watch other drivers careen off the road in front of you, and when you realize the power is never going to come back on, what do you do?

Seemingly lost in the recent frenetic news cycle of life-altering hurricanes and deadly earthquakes is a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that indicated the sun unleashed its strongest solar flare in a decade in early September.  Its fallout was startling – a shortwave radio blackout that blanketed parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe for the better part of an hour.

Daily Bread works with ROAR, a Hollywood PR firm with experience working on major studio and network productions, to get the word out through the media about the series. 

With endorsements from the likes of Sean Hannity, Roma Downey and Mike Huckabee, ROAR opens doors, engages minds, and knows how to inspire audiences.

TV Series Offers Opportunities for Aspiring Actors, Filmmakers
Daily Bread, the new post-apocalyptic TV series featuring an ensemble cast of seven millennial women “armed with cookbooks and guns,” is doing more than entertain.

Things are busy at the studios of Renaissance Women Productions located in Rappahannock County. It's the culmination of nine months of hard work to produce a compelling TV series, filmed entirely in Virginia...

Although down-to-earth and very informative in our interview, Nina May, director of Renaissance Women Productions says she is excited to be a first-time exhibitor at NATPE17. She speaks with a soft southern drawl in her voice as she shares what she hopes to achieve at the market....

RappNews, May 29, 2016 · by CHRIS GREEN · “Daily Bread,” Nina May says, ”is a faith-based, post-apocalyptic drama starring eight millennial women stranded on a farm after a solar flare hits the earth, and they decide to rebuild civilization without losing their humanity, and all they have are cookbooks and guns.”...

Cablefax is honored to announce the 2016 Trailer Awards winners and honorable mentions! Everybody knows that trailers drive audience, instill emotions and get viewers excited about the big premiere or returning series...

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