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Bubba & Carol

Bubba & Carol

The Preppers

Bubba: In charge of the prepper camp, and married to Carol. He is no-nonsense, totally prepared for the systems to fail and has designed his whole life around that. He evolves into a bit of a bully and devolves into an uncivilized bore. Can he be redeemed?


Jerry: In his 20's, likes to hunt with a bow, knows the backwoods of the county like the back of his hand, Bubba’s son.


Tony: Bubba’s sister, one of the boys.


Carol: Strong woman, and she has to be, she is married to Bubba.


Vern: Jerry's girlfriend.

Nick: Bubba's best friend and righthand man.


George: Family man a prepper with a conscience. 


Angel: George's wife, attractive, red hair, stands up for what she believes in.

Luther: The prepper's tech guy. He is quirky and caffeinated, Luther used to work for a government agency. He uses technology and his connections to get information. He warns Bubba and the preppers of the impending doom, but he's been wrong before. It's not until the grid goes down that he is vindicated, but without his beloved technology he starts to loose it, a becomes a little manic.

Prepper Campers: The preppers are friends of Bubba who are prepared for any type of disaster and plan their survival techniques on the weekends at Bubba and Carol’s farm. They are ready for almost any type of local, national or global disaster, but haven’t planned for everything which becomes clear to them after the flare hits. They gather to not only to check supplies, grade the go-bags, clean and store their weapons, but they have fun together under the leadership of Bubba, his son Jerry, and his best friend Nick. The women of the camp, Betsy, Carol, Vern and Tony have the required skills for preparation and teach the other women and kids. Everyone is expected to have a certain degree of knowledge about what it would take to survive in a world thrown into chaos.

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"This isn't a vacation." ~ Nick

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