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Skylar & The Posse

A group of young women find themselves stranded at hotel in a small town after the flare. A leader rises among them to defend their new home.


Skylar has to deal with her own issues, and survive in the new world after the flare. She is a young Asian-American girl from a traditional family. Pushed to the breaking point, will she rise to the occasion or fall apart when tested by the chaos around her?


Leah's life was down the tubes, depressed, she felt like there was nothing to live for. God's love knows no bounds, and though we may think we have no purpose He sets people in to our lives that show us the path.


A lowly janitor one day, defender of the town the next. I took an apocalypse to bring him out of his shell of self-doubt. Drew, Skylar, and Leah defend the hotel, but can they help bring peace to a chaotic Pioneer City in the world after the flare?

The Posse

A group of college girls making their way to the beach on Spring Break, may be the most unlikely heroines of all.

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