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Holly's Journey

When Holly set off shopping on that fateful afternoon she never thought it would lead to an adventure that would change her life and the world around her.


An uptight real estate agent is pushed beyond her limits to survive. She goes on a 300 mile trek in a post apocalyptic world to get to her sister's prepper camp. Only God knows if she will make it. The love of her sister, a book on survival, her own resourcefulness, and the love of God are the only things that drive her on.

Rachael & Jason

Rachael is a young divorcee, coming out of a bad relationship. Jason was an attorney that seemed to have it all, but when the power went his suburban dreams died. With nowhere to stay in town they take their chances on the road with Holly, in hopes of making it back to their loved ones. 

Dan Miller

Dan runs the family farm. He is recently divorced and is raising his two daughters, Betsy and Mary. Dan has a twin brother that lives in Pioneer City.

Rebecca Miller

Dan's mother, a very practical woman, runs the home school for the co-op. She helps care for Dan's two daughters. Her faith is her quiet strength that helps see her through her families difficult times.

The Co-op

The cooperative is an autonomous association of rural Christian people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs. They are a community. When the worst happens they come together and find a solution.

The Co-op Kids

The co-op is a family group and the kids get a great education from Rebecca Miller. When the flare hit they didn't miss a beat, being home schoolers with religion as a part of their everyday curriculum was a big advantage for them.

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